Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ruby Update

Ruby is everything that a 2-year old should be. She can whine and scream and throw fits like the best of them, but she is more often quite pleasant to be around. She loves making friends and talking to any kids that she comes in contact with. I'd say she is a bit of a sparky, sanguine, extrovert type o' gal.

Ruby's favorite game at our new house is finding roly-poly bugs on the floor and flicking them. It's a bit disturbing. Her other favorite game is when I lay on the ground she tries to pick me up, and says over and over, "I can't pick you! I cannot pick you mommy!"

I took this video one of our last mornings in Grand Rapids before we moved. It makes me laugh a lot.

Last week when we were at the lake for a little family vacation Ruby, Clara and I were sitting out on the pontoon parked at the dock and Ryan went back to the house to get Ruby some juice. On his way, the neighbor started talking to him, but from Ruby's point of view he was hidden behind a tree. After awhile, she looked at me and said, "I hear daddy. I hear him not getting juice."  HA! 

Some other funny things she says these days:

  • "It's too fit" - When something is too tight.
  • "I waked up!" she is so excited about this every morning and after every nap.
  • "I'm covered in goose juice" - Ryan says this to her whenever he cleans her up after a meal, now she says it about herself.
  • She has switched from saying she wants things to always "NEED"ing them.
  • "some nother one." instead of "another one" or a "different one"
  • She repeats EVERYTHING she hears. We were at the park and this mom was yelling at her daughter, "Sheyanne! Sheyanne!" over and over while we were there. A little while later, Ruby was yelling from the top of the slide, "SHEYANNE! SHEYANNE!" It was really funny. I'm not sure the other mom thought it was as funny as I did.
I love her joy. Everything is the most amazing, wonderful, incredible thing she has ever seen. Rainbows, lighting bugs, cottage cheese, the fact that she woke up in the morning... it's all equally the best thing that has ever happened. I want to be more like her.

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