Monday, April 12, 2010

Mom Confession

The batteries in Ruby's exersaucer are running out... and I'm not going to put new ones in.
Also, she's been doing a lot of babbling lately. She says "Da Da" constantly... which means she hasn't really made the connection with Ryan as her Da Da - but he loves when she says it just the same. I'll ask her, "Say Mama" and she'll look at me and say "Dada" then act very proud of herself.

Some other milestones include:
  • eating finger foods (especially sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, pears, peas and carrots)
  • I think she knows what I mean when I say "don't drop that" or "give it to me".
  • standing up while holding onto the coffee table or couch (she can't move sideways yet, she just stands there)
  • pulling magnets off the fridge while she sits on the kitchen floor
  • rolling her hands when we sing "patty cake" (speaking of patty cake, I am still unsure of the right words to that song... )
  • She'll try to mimic the sounds that Ryan and I make - especially laughter, which makes us laugh even more.
  • She has 2 bottom teeth and thinks its fun to bite her spoon when she's eating.
  • She cracks up laughing whenever Ryan plays peek-a-boo with her.
Today after her bath (while her hair was still wet) I managed her first ponytail... it was really hard work and will probably fall out within the hour. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!


Anonymous said...

YYYAAAAYYYYYY You did it!! she looks so cute in a top knot! way to go! I knew it could be done! I love you! can;t wait to hang out twoo weekends in a row!! yipppeeeee!!

Mo said...

haha! LOVE the pony tail :)

isaac said...

Patty cake Patty cake
take this sand
make me a shake
as fast as you can
roll it
I need it
go to markets with a j (aquila- usually left unpsoken)
put it it in the oven for ryan and me...

I am pretty sure this is right... if not-- don't tell my kids.

Becky Hunter said...

Ruby is absolutely adorable, Amber and sooo blessed to have you for her mom. I love your blog!

Sheila said...

I knew the "Pebbles look" was possible! Such a little cuteness! Send her here...I have full batteries in the excersaucer!! And I know the words to "Patty cake'!!!!
We can't wait to see you guys.