Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun Week

This has been such a fun week! It's so crazy to have time off! Time to sleep in, hang out with friends, take long bike rides, ride the train to the City and walk around all day, and just do whatever we want together! We figured that during these few weeks that we have before Ryan starts his Residency, we should take full advantage of our time off.

A couple of days ago we acted like tourists in our own city and walked around Milennium Park and out on Navy Pier. We saw some very interesting things...including a lady who seemed to have lost her pants and some Chicago cops learning how to ride bikes.

Speaking of biking, Ryan is a biking fool! He has biked every single day this week. We rode about 18 miles together on Wednesday, then this morning he did over 30 with Aaron and Bryan. Early next week we're heading back into the city to bike the LakeShore trail. Good Times!The guy in the picture below advised me to let you know that my blogging with be more sporadic until July...because it's vacation and graduation and we're moving to Grand Rapids and I won't always be near a computer.

But you know me, if I CAN blog, I WILL blog! Just not every single day.


Tannerman said...

Ah, the Bob Newhart statue. I spent some time with it back in 2004 when it was first located on Michigan Ave.

J Aquila said...

So Ang and I were at the peir last saturday, the 5th, and we both thought, "wouldn't it be cool if we saw Amber and Ryan?"